Transforming Shopper Marketing with Predictive Analytics

data transformation + digital transformation = customer experience transformation To stand out from the vast multitude of loyalty programs and shopper marketing campaigns, you need to distinguish yourself through marketing strategies centred around your most important asset: your customers. As data and technology innovations emerge at an ever-increasing rate, [Read more...]

Is your store loyalty program under-performing?

Is your store loyalty program old, tired and under-performing? With the sheer volume of customer rewards programs on offer, shoppers have become dazed, confused and disinterested in complex, points-based loyalty programs. Many are starting to see through the “cons” and calculate how little value they generate. In fact, the [Read more...]

Turbo Charge your Store Loyalty Programs

Going beyond rewards with app-based loyalty programs The marketplace is inundated with mediocre rewards-based customer loyalty programs, that do nothing to inspire users to take real-time action, but that doesn’t mean they can’t evolve to drive higher levels of customer engagement and improve marketing performance. Loyalty Programs attempt to [Read more...]